We interrupt this regularly scheduled serial blog to present a special announcement. The author’s author, my lord and creator, the person who can kill me off whenever he wants, Keith R Wilson, has just published a new novel and he orders me to do his shilling for him.

The novel is called Intersections and it’s really good. I know it is because it’s really me that wrote it. Moreover, it’s about me; rather, me in my previous life. It’s interesting that he gives me absolutely no credit for writing it and acts like I ought to be grateful for a brief mention in the dedication page.

Those of you who have been long-time readers at this address know that, before it was titled At the Epiphany Cafe it was called The Narrative Imperative. Before I told the story of the Lisping Barista, the Geeky Guy, the Weather Beaten Man in a Cowboy Hat, and the mad ravings of Rabbi! I told my own story, the story of my previous life. Well, Keith R Wilson, the high and mighty, appropriated all my best stuff and published it under his own name.

The book is called Intersections. Click here to order it from Amazon.


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