Contribute to the Narrative Imperative

WritingThe Epiphany Cafe is where fictional characters come to life. The Narrative Imperative is where they tell their stories.

If you are a fictional character and have a compelling story to tell, I want to help you tell it. Come to the Epiphany Cafe and join me and the Lisping Barista as a guest contributor on the Narrative Imperative.


  • You must be a fictional character and tell a fictional story.
  • Your story must be more true than the so-called true stories that so-called real people write.
  • In this blog, I’m the sole judge of what rings true. I don’t know how to describe it, but I know it when I see it.
  • Write in the first person. This is not your author’s story, it’s yours.
  • Don’t let your author boss you around and force you into an unnatural plot or make you march to a stereotypical genre. Exercise your own free will.
  • Don’t let your author censor you. Say what you have to say. He or she can always tell people you said it, not him or her.
  • Because this is the internet and people have short attention spans on the internet, it’s best if the story is short (no more than 1000 words) or can be broken up into serialized segments.
  • Patronize the Epiphany Cafe (a fictional coffee shop that I happen to own in Colorado Springs). I’d like to meet you and I need the business.

Use this contact form to send me your submission:


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